Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Plenty of positives

Kenya may have lost their warm-up game to the West Indies (match report here), but all things considered, this was a decent performance by our team. Thomas Odoyo struck early on and Rajesh Bhudia showed he can take wickets at this level too, even if he was a tad on the expensive side. Hiren Varaiya proves he can take wickets against higher ranked Test opposition as well as the Associates - he could well turn into one of the surprise packages of the tournament (well surprising for those who have not seen him bowl anyway...).

On the batting front, some concern still at the top of the order, but good to see both Shah and the skipper coming back into form. A shame no one really turned their start into a big score - Samuels was the difference between the two teams there. Good show from the middle order with an unbeaten half century from Collins Obuya (again proving he can do it against top opposition).

All in all, a respectable showing and certainly one that should give hope for the tournament ahead. A few glitches still to be sorted out, but on the whole the team look to get better each time they play. One more warm up against the Dutch to go, then the must win game against Canada to start the World Cup. Exciting times!