Friday, July 20, 2007

Worrying Rumours

All the hoopla with the NPCA nonsense is bad enough. When will people realise that they are elected to positions on these boards to serve cricket, not the other way around.

A much more worrying rumour, and it has been confirmed by several independent (and reliable) witnesses is that the great Satan of Kenyan Cricket, Sharad Ghai, is trying to make a comeback. Apparently, he has patched up relationships with his former enemy, Sukhbans Singh, the embattled acting chairman of the NPCA. He has also been installed as one of Nairobi Gymkhana's representatives to the NPCA committee - perhaps if they spent more time concentrating on improving their team rather than politics, they would not have a record of played 2, lost 2 in the current NPCA league.

Hopefully sense will prevail in all of this. Everyone who knows anything about Kenyan cricket will know that the game cannot afford Ghai to return, in whatever capacity. They should also realise how far Cricket Kenya have come in resuscitating the game in the last 2 years. For the first time in a long while, there is hope again in the game. Please don't let petty politics get in the way of allowing the recovery to continue to its successful conclusion.