Friday, July 17, 2009


Cricket Kenya Press Release

Cricket Kenya wishes to inform members of the press that we will be holding a mini-cricket tournament for secondary school girls. The tournament will be held at Ngara Sports Club (South C) this Saturday 18th July 2009 and will run from 9am to 3pm. It is part of the ongoing Development Programme.

Meanwhile, during the same period our Under-19 convener and Elite Programs Officer; Martin Suji will be making a visit to the Coast Province to identify talent for inclusion in Cricket Kenya’s Elite programs scheduled for the August school holidays.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Plotiking from the Nation

Regular reader 'Topspinner' writes:

Ref: Search for new coach (Nation, July 13, author Richard Mwangi)

The political agenda still seems to run with Mwangi; and I tell you, it rankles! In an otherwise quite fair (for him) report, he refers to a ‘whitewash’ in Dublin. It was not a ‘whitewash’; Kenya lost 0-3, but twice this was due to the vagaries of the Duckworth/Lewis method. The scores were as follows (because The Nation never saw fit to record them): 1. Kenya 214 (50 overs), Ireland 215 for 7 (48.5); 2. Kenya 175 (45.1), Ireland 104 for 1 (21) – lost by 57 runs under D/L; 3. Ireland 256 for 7 (50), Kenya 240 for 6 (46) – lost by four runs (D/L). Any study of this shows that the last result, in particular, was very unfair under the D/L method. Kenya finished only 16 runs behind and yet, under normal rules, would have had another 24 balls to get 17 to win! As it was, Collins Obuya needed to score a six off the last ball, which he failed to do. And it needs to be emphasised that, under Morris Ouma (capt) and Jimmy Kamande (v-capt) – nice Luo/Kikuyu combination – Kenya played pretty well in the four-day game at Eglinton, were well managed and, indeed, appeared well coached whatever the Jasmir Singh report may say. This team has got a nice balance and, after years in the doldrums, looks like it has the potential to go places, as long as it watches out for Uganda coming up on the rails! Let’s hope also that Zimbabwe put out a proper side. As says, it would be fruitless if Zimbabwe were merely to use Intercontinental Cup matches as a ratchet to get back into the mainstream of cricket. We would in that case be better off playing Namibia and UAE.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NPCA Fixtures week 1: 19th July

19th Super Kanbis 'A' Telca Eastleigh High
July Super Swamibapa 'A' Kanbis 'B' Premier Club
2009 Super Stray Lions 'A' SCLYL 'A' Peponi School
Super Sir Ali 'A' Simba Union 'A' Sir Ali Club
I Kongonis Dev Swamibapa 'B' Nairobi Club
I Nbi Gymkhana Ruaraka 'A' Nbi Gymkhana
I Nbi Jafferys Premier Nbi Jafferys
I Ngara Nbi Nookers 'A' Ngara Sports Club
II SCLYL 'B' Aga Khan Pindolia Academy
II Golden XI Stray Lions ' B' Highridge Primary
II Goan Institute 'A' Sir Ali 'B' Goan Institute
II Simba Union 'B' Qutbis Simba Union
III Nbi. Nookers 'B' Aaryan XI Nairobi School
III Parklands Sports Oshwal XI Parklands Sports
III Women's XI Goan Institute 'B' Jamhuri High Sch.
III Ruaraka 'B' Bye Bye

Kenya to play Zimbabwe away in October

Not sure how reliable this report is, but Kenya are apparently scheduled to take on Zimbabwe in the Intercontinental Cup in early October. Zimbabwe are fielding a less than full strength side in this event - a perfect cop out from a team that looks scared to play its full strength side in case they get beaten by an Associate and hence jeopardise the return to Test cricket. A ploy that the ICC in their ususal lame duck way when dealing with Full members over Associates have bowed to. Even so, it Should be a good opportunity for Kenya to get some more points away from home.

No concrete news yet from the ICC on the rest of the fixtures for this event. It is high time they got their act together and gave the Associates the time and warning needed to prepare for games properly. But then that would be running something efficiently, not really the forte of the game's administrators.

Monday, July 13, 2009

31 teams prepare for NPCA League this weekend

As the national team return home to lick their wounds, there will be plenty of opportunity for them to prove why they are in the team and for pretenders to challenge for spots as the NPCA League gets underway this weekend.

There are 31 teams split across 4 division and while the nation's best players will doing battle in the Super Division, competition will be equally fierce all the way down to division III.

Kanbis 'A'
Stray Lions 'A'
Swamibapa 'A'
Telca XI
Sir Ali 'A'
Simba Union 'A'
Kanbis 'B'

Nbi. Nookers 'A'
Swamibapa 'B'
Ruaraka 'A'
Kongonis Dev

Golden XI
Aga Khan
Goan Institue 'A'
Simba Union 'B'
Stray Lions 'B'
Sir Ali 'B'

Nbi.Nookers 'B'
Oshwal XI
Ruaraka 'B'
Goan Institute 'B'
Women's XI