Thursday, November 08, 2007


Thanks to the ICC buggering around instead of organising dates for the Intercontinental Cup i will miss out on Kenya's next two games despite being in the countries they are being played in at the same time of year.

I arrive in Kenya on 31st December having traveled via Dubai. While i am in Kenya, Kenya fly to the UAE to play them on the 9th of January. Then at the end of my Holiday when I will be spending 4 nights in Dubai, Kenya will be taking on Namibia in Nairobi. something is not right with this picture!

I found out about these dates the day after I booked my (non changeable) tickets having been hassling the ICC for the dates for a while now so I could work in some cricket watching to the holiday. Then they wonder why they don't get bigger crowds and more support. FFS - my neighbour's half blind poodle could organise things better!