Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kenya to play Zimbabwe away in October

Not sure how reliable this report is, but Kenya are apparently scheduled to take on Zimbabwe in the Intercontinental Cup in early October. Zimbabwe are fielding a less than full strength side in this event - a perfect cop out from a team that looks scared to play its full strength side in case they get beaten by an Associate and hence jeopardise the return to Test cricket. A ploy that the ICC in their ususal lame duck way when dealing with Full members over Associates have bowed to. Even so, it Should be a good opportunity for Kenya to get some more points away from home.

No concrete news yet from the ICC on the rest of the fixtures for this event. It is high time they got their act together and gave the Associates the time and warning needed to prepare for games properly. But then that would be running something efficiently, not really the forte of the game's administrators.

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