Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rift Valley Hold Elections

Representatives from active cricket clubs met with other stakeholders yesterday to elect office bearers for the Rift Valley Cricket Association. The elections, which were attended by the Vice Chairman and CEO of Cricket Kenya, mark a significant step forward in cricket administration in the country. Under the old KCA regime, the province had floundered after the sport's governing body allegedly installed their own 'yes-men' in order to gain votes at a national level. Cricket development was not a priority, and a potentially rich source of talent was allowed to go to waste.
Cricket Kenya have made it clear from the start that they intend to do things correctly, and this starts with the elections in those administrative bodies set up by the KCA. Voting for the offices was carried out by people in the region who play cricket and who care about its future. Those elected now have a mandate to go out there and promote the game and strengthen Rift Valley as a player base. It is a huge task ahead, and there will no doubt be times when the RVCA feel like they are fighting an uphill battle. It is also a huge opportunity, and they must remember this when times get tough. The Rift Valley Province covers a huge area, and there are potentially many different elements that could make up the cricket fraternity in the region. The new RVCA must work to bring these people together, to spread the game equally and fairly and ensure that above all, the youth in the area are exposed to this great game. Kenya will be watching to see how they go about this, and we look forward to seeing the results in the future.
The following were elected:
Chairman - Mr Martin Bentley
Vice Chairman - Mr Jayesh Shah
Secretary - Mr Shailesh
Treasurer - Mr Jayen Dodhia
Fixture Secretary - Mr Gurdeep Jutley
Two Members - Mr Pascal Mbeche and Mr Jotham Owili
Congratulations to the new body, and all the best for the hard work ahead.

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