Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well sort of. I am at least now back at the keyboard, but in terms of cricket coverage, will be concentrating mostly on Cricket Europe - Kenya for the time being. There are a couple of new articles there from the last couple of days. Thanks for the understanding and support from everyone, it has been much appreciated. In time, I may also get back to blogging with my opinions etc, but not sure yet how things will pan out timewise.
Those of you who I had been in email contact with who have not had an email from me in the last couple of days, it is because I had a stuff-up and lost my address book. It does not mean I am not keen on keeping in touch, so drop me an email if you would like to stay in contact. It would be good to hear from you, especially those club players in Kenya.

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Nakeel said...

Good to have you back Nick.