Friday, November 24, 2006

Odoyo in top 100 for Strike Rate

Caught up in the euphoria of belting Bermuda 3-0 and all the personal milestones that came with it, I missed perhaps the most significant of all for the Associates. Thomas Odoyo took his ODI wicket tally to 86 in 82 matches to take him into the top 100 in terms of strike rate in One Day Internationals. Bowling wise, he is now the first Associate player to make this step, hopefully the vanguard of a whole host who are going to join him from all of the Associate countries in the years ahead. In terms of batting, Kennedy Otieno's 144 against Bangladesh has him on joint 58th place in highest individual totals. While Odoyo makes it into the top 100 in terms of strike rate, he still has a little way to go in terms of overall wickets taken. Currently the 100th spot is held by Azhar Mahmood of Pakistan with 122 wicket, a target that is drawing ever closer.
Getting into the top 100 bowlers by strike rate is great achievement from a player who is currently in the best form of his life. Tim Brooks, whose article on Cricket Europe brought this to my attention looks forward to seeing him take his 100th wicket during the World Cup. I look forward to seeing him take it a lot earlier than that: in Kenya this January during the WCL. Maybe he can look to be taking his 120th wicket in the World Cup and getting on that top 100 list as well. Go Thomas!

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