Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cricket in the news

Having mentioned earlier that I thought a couple of my articles had been used by cricinfo, I feel it is only fair that I point out that their Beyond The Test World blog has since referred to two more of my articles and given the due credit. Aside from the fact that they deemed my articles worth linking to, it is great to see this being regularly updated. Long may this continue.
Elsewhere, the Nation, which has been so full of poor cricket journalism in recent times, at last has an article that looks as though it has been properly researched (Tikolo confident...). Hopefully they have ironed out their "issues" with Cricket Kenya and we will now see more responsible journalism from them rather than the fabrication they have been so keen on. Credit to those who have been involved in the battle to bring this about.
A couple of articles in the sports section of today's Standard also mention cricket in their year round ups, though neither in a positive light. It amazes me that people can go on and on about Kenya being whitewashed by Bangladesh and ignore the fact that we drew with Zimbabwe, and whitewashed both Canada and Bermuda. Again, evenly balanced reporting would not go astray.

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