Sunday, December 17, 2006

Good cricket coverage by Standard

There seems little doubt at the moment which of the two main dailies has the better cricket coverage. The Standard have had several articles recently covering both the Nimbus deal and the women's World Cup qualifiers. Today's edition has this excellent article by James Wokabi - a new name to me. He writes well and seems to have actually bothered to talk to the people concerned before writing the article. Let's hope we see more of him covering cricket related issues in the future.
Good to see Cricket Kenya saying that both the national team and youth development will both be looked after by a third of the funds from the Nimbus deal. No word on where the other third goes, but general administration would probably account for a fair bit. Hopefully we will hear more on the youth development front soon. With World cup fever due to build through January and the WCL until March, now is the time that the administration need to concentrate on harnessing that interest and using it to generate more players and a greater love of the game in Kenya.

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