Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Up and running. Sort of

Well the NPCA season has now got under way, though there is still no news available on the net as to results from the first round of games played on Sunday.

Official results will come out in the next day or so and I will make these available on CricketEurope Kenya as soon as I get them, but if anyone in Nairobi is able to send me ANY INFO at all in the meanwhile, that would be great.

No news yet either from the coast after the 'rules of engagement' were posted on their website last month. Emails to the CCA have met with a stony silence, so one can only hope things will/are going ahead as normal there.

As for the Cricket Kenya webpage, the less said the better. all it is doing so far is irritating those who are faithful enough to keep checking it. Hardly a way to build traffic.

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