Saturday, September 15, 2007


Richard Mwangi writing in the Nation called it the doom of Kenyan cricket. While I have been critical before of the Nation for their attacks on the sport, this time his article is pretty much on the money.

He stressed the need for a multi-day competition as highlighted by Roger Harper and the Late Bob Woolmer (and countless others as well). He also noted the demise of the domestic League and the fact that selectors do not seem to use it as a basis for selection anymore. With the two top domestic runscorers sitting at home while the national team was bundled out for two sub 90 scores, it is hard to argue with. He also draws attention to the fact that the only cricket really happens in Nairobi, but could have gone on to say that cricket in other areas, namely Coast and Rift Valley have been going backwards. Well judging by the lack of communication and news from them anyway.

Finally the article points out the gains made by Uganda in growing their game and mentions that unless Kenya follow suit, we may not qualify for the next World Cup. It is alarming reading and may be an over reaction to the terrible performance of the team in South Africa, but he has got a lot right. Unless Cricket Kenya start to look at sorting out the domestic situation at all levels, we are in serious strife. Promises have been made for 2 years now about national leagues and junior development. It is about time we started to see those promises being fulfilled.

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