Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cricket Kenya Appointments

Again, this is a direct reproduction of the Cricket Kenya Press release:


In line with improving and professionalizing its service delivery to its constituents and the general public, Cricket Kenya has made a number of appointments on full time basis. The focus is on developing the game beyond the present structures while improving on the already developed structures.

For this purpose, Cricket Kenya has therefore contracted the following persons onto their staff: -


Administration Manager: - Ms. Barbara Kokonya
Executive Assistant: -Ms. Julie Mwamburi
Office Messenger: - Daniel Kyalo


Development Manager: - David Odhiambo
Development Officer (Nairobi): - Joseph Angara
Development Officer (Rift Valley): - David Asiji
Development Officer (Coast): - Issak Khanna
Development Officer (Women’s and Special Projects): - Duncan Okinyo

Cricket Operations

National Team Manager: - Macdonald Oduor Suji
National Coach: - Andy Kirsten
Assistant National Coach: - Martin Suji
Match Analyst: - Thota Sreenivas
Groundsman: - Joseph Kagiri
Fitness in charge: - Joseph Asichi

Professional Consultancy Services

Management accountancy: - M/S Ghedia and CO.
Physiotherapy Services: - M/S Physical Therapy Services
Medical Services: - Avenue Healthcare Services
Insurance Services: - M/S Starlit Insurance Brokers

All these persons bring a lot of experience to the association and will definitely add value to the growth of Cricket Kenya from now into the future. All appointments were undertaken through competitive processes and we believe that the best persons at the point in time have been appointed.

All these appointments put Cricket Kenya in line to move forward and build stable structures for the game in the country.

We request for support for these appointees as they discharge their duties at all times.


(Not signed as sent out electronically)

Tom J. Tikolo
Chief Executive Officer


Onyango said...

Good to see the blog up and running again. It will be a challenge for Kenya to finish in the top 4. Ireland, Scotland are probably the strongest teams there.

Ben83 said...

Is the player listed as 'Elijah Asoyo' better known as 'Elijah Otieno'? These names confuse me sometimes.

Chemosit said...

Yes - this is the same player. Names can get a bit confusing at times...

Ben83 said...

I thought so.Thanks for the clarification.

Onyango said...

My prediction
1. Ireland
2. Scotland
3. Netherlands
4. Kenya
5. Afghanistan
6. Canada
7. Namibia
8. UAE
9. Uganda

Ben83 said...

So what're your guys thoughts on this new administrative structure?

Also Nick,

I was just wondering what the selection policy is for Kenya's national team? As I've come accross players playing abroad who I think would be a valuable asset to their team such as Ragheb Aga, Mohammed Sheikh and maybe even Abeed Janmohamed?

Also, I was reading through the Sahara League Scorecards from 2008 and the under 19 world cup from 2000 and just wanted to know status and your thoughts on the following players?

Under 19's from 2000.

Jared Odhiambo - Does he still play?

Timothy Muange - Does he still play?

Also, would you think any of these players are close to national selection? James Ngoche, Ken Migai, Shem Obado, Ramesh Mepani (is age an issue here?), Harish Vekaria, Kush Parmar (too young?), Ababu, Maina, A Bhudia, Maina?

Finally, will the elite league take place again this year?

I apologise for all the questions.
Also, If I have missed any players that you think are deserved or near selection I'd like to hear your thoughts on those players?

Once again, sorry for the many questions.

Ben83 said...

I think Namibia will be in the top 6.

Chemosit said...

@ Ben,

sorry for the late reply.

I believe CK will select players based abroad to be in the squad, but it is up to those players to make it to the training under their own steam. There is not the money to fly them out. Only players who attend the training will be selected.
Certainly the first 2 players mentioned would strengthen the squad if not necessarily the playing XI.

Both Jared Odhiambo and Muange still play as far as I'm aware, though have heard little re the NPCA comp, so no idea how they are going.

James Ngoche is probably the closest to selection. Ramesh Mepani only excluded because of his age - should have been selected years ago.

No official word on the elite league yet - hope it will go ahead. Will probably depend on WC qualification.

Andruid said...

What happened to Alfred Njuguna. Someone intimated at sometghing odd in his tasks on facebook

Welcome back

Chemosit said...

god question - I have no idea. Hope he is still around and will be used - he is a good man