Sunday, April 26, 2009

Destination India?

A report in yesterday's Standard hints that Kenya may either be included in the Indian domestic season as a team in their own right or failing that have Kenyan players embedded in Indian sides to aid in preparation for the next World Cup.

This is a very positive step, especially if Cricket Kenya can swing the former option as the team will not only have the very useful experience of playing regular top grade cricket, but will continue to gel as a team.

Fingers crossed that this eventuates, though the question does come to mind - why is it India that is helping and not our continental neighbours south Africa...


Ben83 said...

Nice, hopefully this goes ahead. Would be good to see them field their own team, but wouldnt be overly disappointing if the players were spread amongst Indian teams.

Andruid said...

Help is help, so I endorse it. Pity about losing our objecteness when we become the worlds 11 Full member of the ICC to do the BCCI's bidding