Thursday, June 18, 2009

Or is it?

According to the latest article on cricinfo, the search for Kenya's next coach is more than just a two horse race. No new names are however mentioned, so we are still having to wait to see who it will be. The article does indicate that Andy Kirsten will continue as coach for the Ireland tour and that his contract will then finish at the end of July.

As there has yet been no official word from Cricket Kenya on anything to do with the selction process, so all is still pretty much conjecture at this stage. Does today's article mean that CK will not be choosing either Sandhu or Butcher? Or does it simply mean they are holding their options open for as long as possible before making a decision. If it is the latter, then perhaps the fans and players could be forgiven for wondering why it has already been this late given that Kenya's first match into the new Intercontinental Cup is only a couple of weeks away. Given the last result the team had under Kirsten in Europe, this is a fair question as he will again be at the reins for this trip.

Whatever the Cricket Kenya decision, it would be best it were made sooner rather than later. Already ground has been lost preparing for the 2011 World Cup and we are close to missing the boat in terms of bettering our 3rd place in the Intercontinental Cup.

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