Thursday, July 09, 2009

Help Choose Kenya's International Player of the Year 2009

In 2009 we will again be presenting a player with our International Player Of The Year award. With renewed contact with both players and fellow journalists, this is how the award will be decided in 2009:

After each International match individuals from 3 panels will each allocate points based on who they thought performed best in the match: 3 for the best performance, 2 for the next best and 1 for the third best.

The 3 panels will be:
1) Fans - taken from a poll on the website
2) Journalists - Nick Deverell, Ben Trotter, Rachel Musyoka, Dun Okinyo, Kimemia Maina.
3) Players - Kenya Captain Maurice Ouma, Kenya Vice-Captain Jimmy Kamande, Kenya Under 19 Captain Karan Kaul, Ex-International Joseph Angara and Kanbis Sports Secretary Kanti Rabadia.

Totals will then be taken from each panel to give a new tally for the collective votes from that panel so each panel will produce 3 players with 3,2,1 points. Points from the separate panels will then be added together and a final allocation of points on the 3,2,1 basis will be allocated for the match. i.e every match will only produce 3 players with points by the end of the process. The player with the most points at the end of the year wins the award and the prestige that I hope will go with it.

Past winners are:
2006 - Steve Tikolo
2007 - Thomas Odoyo (pictured above with his award. copyright Kenya
2008 - not awarded

The more fans that vote, the fairer the outcome from the fan's poll will be. For a player to be eligible for votes they must take 3 or more wkts in an innings or 4 or more for an IC match, or score a half century or better. In the event none of these happen, the best 5 performers will be selected - 5 will always be the minumum number of options. Voting is now open for the Intercontinental Cup match vs Ireland, so get voting and help us choose the 2009 Player of the Year!

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