Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Past stars edged out by Jamhuri youngsters

This report from International umpire Subhash Modi (right) is welcome news at a dark time for Kenyan cricket. I sincerely hope we see more news of this sort in times to come rather than the sort that has dominated the last few days:

"I stood as an umpire with Lalji Bhudia in a friendly cricket match between Old Jamhuri School Boys(Former Duke of Gloucester) invitation XI vs. current school boys of the same school. The match was played on Saturday afternoon at the Simba Union Cricket Club. I enjoyed umpiring as Harilal Shah, a former Kenya Cricket Captain along with Aasif Karim (top scorer with 64 runs) , Bipin Vora, current chairman of NPCA (with 20 runs) featured in the same match which the old boys lost by 14 runs. I take this as a part of development and cricket should again be played regularly in Kenya also on Saturday afternoons to create more interest in younger generation. Lucas the captain of the current Jamhuri High School played well for his match winning 54 runs. Other cricketing personalities who came to watch the game were Jimmy Rayani(former chairman of KCA), R.M. Patel(Secretary of Nairobi Gymkhana) and few former chairmen of Nairobi Gymkhana, past and present chairmen of KCU&SA."

Good on the youngsters for getting the win and as noted by Modi, this is exactly the sort of initiative that will help the game grow so good on the oldies for giving up their time to promote the game.

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Chemosit said...

I used occasionally to stand with Subhash Modi and it is really good news to read his report. I agree that cricket should come back on Saturdays, if only principally for development purposes; the more the game is seen and played the better, surely, will be the end results.