Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coast U17 results

Please note these results are unofficial but as good as we can get without any official word from CK or CCA. Thanks to the players who helped provide these:

Game 1:
Coast tusks Vs. Nyali Stars - coast tusks batted first and scored about 165...Vishal with 44 of about 50 balls, Vinit Shikotra 21 of 31 balls, Bhavya Thaker 22 of 23 balls, Raj Shikotra 23 off 19 balls and Rajiv 19 off 17 balls.

Nyali Stars were all out for about 100, Rajiv took 2 wickets in 3 overs and Raj Shikotra 3 wickets in 3 overs. Ritesh scored 31. Coast Tusks won the match.

Game 2:
Coast Tusks vs. Kilindini. Tusks batted first and scored 175 with the aid of many extras. Vishal scored 55 of 50 balls, Bhavya scored 24, Nilay scored 44. Kilindini were all out well short of the total with Adnan scoring 19 and George about 24. Rajiv again took 3 wickets in 3 overs. Coast Tusks won the match.

Game 3:
Kilindini vs. Nyali stars. Kilindini scored abt 210 runs with Jignesh scoring a century to lead his side to victory.

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