Saturday, March 20, 2010

NPCA Secondary Schools Finals this weekend

Early this year, the NPCA revived the secondary school’s league in the city, in pursuit of one of the NPCA’s primary goals i.e. spreading of the cricket game.

The league has been running since 23rd January 2010 and on Saturday, 20th March 2010 from 9.00 am it will reach its climax. 3 finals are set for: Simba Union Club for Pool C and Nairobi Gymkhana Sports Club for Pool A and B.

The Awards Ceremony will take place after the A & B finals at Nairobi Gymkhana, in the afternoon.

While it is great to see this initiative back up and running again, it also saddens me that it it yet another instance of poor PR by the administration. This is the first we have been told of this event. Had we had earlier notification we could have followed the fortunes of Kenya's up and coming cricketers throughout the tournament.

It is high time Kenyan cricket pulled itself out of the dark ages and started giving its players the coverage they deserve and that the game needs it if is to become anything further than a niche sport in the country. We have not even been informed which teams will be taking part.

None the less, good luck to all involved and we hope to see more of these players featuring in the leagues in the near future.

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