Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NPCA results from 28th March

Sorry about the delay in posting these:

NPCA - Twenty/20 Tournament Scores.2010

Date Group Team Team Venue Results
Mar 28th. A Kanbis 'B' Sir Ali 'A' Sir Ali Walkover to Kanbis

B' Sir Ali no show

Denis A Stray Lions 'A' Simba Union Sir Ali Stray Lions 'A' won
33/2 Wkts 30/5 Wkts
by 8 Wkts

7 Overs 4.4 Overs

Pamba A Kanbis 'A' SCLYL 'A' Gymkhana Abandoned due to

wet ground

Pamba A Nbi Gymkhana 'A' Swamibapa 'A' Gymkhana Abandoned due to

wet ground


9.00 a.m B Premier Swamibapa 'B' Eastleigh Premier won by

179/3 Wkts 169/4 Wkts
10 Runs
Brijan Patel - 68 David T - 77*

Vijay Patel - 62* Mitesh - 46

Prakash - 1/23 Brijan - 2/21

1.30p.m B Nbi.Nookers 'A' Stray Lions 'B' Eastleigh Stray Lions 'B' won

129/9 Wkts 130/9 Wkts
by 1 Wkt
Collins O - 76 John M - 52

Anand - 2/23 Luseno - 3/25

Girish - 2/35 Joel - 2/24


9.00 a.m D Parklands Sir Ali 'B' Simba Sir Ali 'B' won by
61 All Out 63/3 Wkts
7 Wkts
Ali - 2/8 Abdul - 38

Jibran - 2/23 Milan - 3/17


9.00 a.m E Goan Institute 'B' Nookers 'B' Jafferys Goan Institute 'B'
Mo Khan
134/7 Wkts 125/7 Wkts
won by 9 Runs
Mehmood - 61 Quintas - 33

Gopinath - 2/18 Pranav - 2/20

1.30 p.m E Medics Nbi.Gym 'B' Jafferys Nbi Gym 'B' won
Mo Khan
74 All Out 75/4 Wkts
by 6 Wkts
V.P.Singh - 22 Deevesh - 28*

Venkatesh - 3/9 Taseer - 3/15

Kirit - 3/18


1.30 p.m C Nbi.Jafferys Aga Khan Simba Nbi.Jafferys won
105/5 Wkts 104/6 Wkts
by 5 Wkts
Charles O - 47 Brijal - 41

Deval Soni - 2/17 Shannu Dosa - 5/18


harsh said...

mm looks like u need to be fined by 2 points for posting late :) jus kidding .. thanks for doing good job ..
How can we work on improving cricket while game is played ?
How can u teach NPCA umpires to be neutral most of them still side their fav side to u hav an answer to this?

Jonn said...

Canada pull out of Under-19 hosting duties, does this mean Kenya are going to be considered?
Kenya lost the event was they attempted to relay turf wickets at the majority of the grounds which were to host the games. In the ICC opinion the grounds would not be ready in time and they would not risk holding the event at grounds with new untested wickets. Kenya has a better climate than Canada.

Cricket Canada has requested the ICC award the U-19 CWC 2014 to Canada thereby allowing the CC sufficient time to secure the required funding.

Try and get a couple of venues in Kisumu too.