Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kenya team for WCL Div 1 Announced

Cricket Kenya Press Realease:

Cricket Kenya wishes to inform members of the press that the National Cricket Team will participate in the ICC World Cricket League Division 1 which will be held in The Netherlands from 1st – 10th July 2010.

Prior to that, the team will travel to Manchester in the United Kingdom to play in a series of warm matches which have been arranged by Friends of Kenya.

For these two events, junior players have been considered due to Cricket Kenya’s long term objectives for the team’s development. Due to injuries, David Obuya will be unavailable for these two assignments. While Seren Waters, will be unavailable owing to school commitments.

Cricket Kenya is happy to announce the squad as:

1. Morris Ouma Amolo
2. James Kabatha Kamande
3. Collins Omondi Obuya
4. Alex Obanda Auma
5. Elijah Asoyo Otieno
6. Hiren Ashok Varaiya
7. Rakep Rajendrabhai Patel
8. Alfred Luseno Sorongo
9. Nehemiah Odhiambo Ngoche
10. Thomas Odoyo Migai
11. James Otieno Ngoche
12. Shem Obado Ngoche
13. Nelson Odhiambo
14. Francis Otieno Ndege
15. Dominic Saleh Wesonga

The following will act as technical personnel for the team for both tournaments:

1. Eldine Baptiste (Team Coach)
2. Macdonald Oduor (Team Manager)
3. Thota Sreenivas (Match Analyst)
4. Joseph Muthike (Team Physiotherapist)
5. Joseph Asichi (Fitness Trainer)


greyblazer said...


I have followed Kenyan cricket since the time when they had Rajab Ali, Chudasama, Odumbe brothers, Modi, Karim, Angara and co. My favourtie Kenyan player is of course Tikolo though it is sad to see that he has retired.

So are people of Kenyan origin taking up cricket as a sport? I know that long distance running is very popular among the Kenyans.

I'm blogrolling your blog and here is my blog. Please have a look at it too.



Amar Mendes said...

Any news on the Three one day games between Kenya & Tanzania at the coastal Gymkhana.
I feel Coast and Nairobi must play more often esplly 3 day games. Including Rift valley would also be fantastic.
The Cricket Kenya constitution demands a minimum of three clubs to start an Association, I had written to some organization in kisumu to come together to form an Association.
Nyanza club, Jalaram Academy, and Kisumu Boys' High School had shown Interest. The Vice-chair of Nyanza club was very enthusiastic to get cricket back in the province. She also told me to have a word with Braeburn Kisumu International School as it is a British curriculum school and they have a good field.

I then contacted an administrator from Cricket Kenya, and tried to fix a meeting between a CK Administrator, and someone who represented the interested parties from Kisumu.

I was told that CK needs 3 clubs and not Schools, so the schools will have to register as clubs and CK can provide them with this application forms. I was told that as soon as CK appoint a new CEO this task will be assigned to him to accomplish.