Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Results.

We're going to post these to the best of our knowledge. Please let us know if some are wrong.

Kanbis A 180/8 Defeated Nairobi Gymkhana A 177 all out.

SCLYL 413/9 A defeated Sir Ali A 232 all out

Nairobi Nookers A 226/9 defeated Simba Union 221/7

Stray Lions B 102/3 defeated Nairobi Jafferys 101 all out.

Golden XI 87/2 defeated Goan Institute 84 all out.

Parklands A 256 defeated Sir Ali B 116.

Nairobi Gymkhana B 93/5 defeated Anadil Jamaly 92 all out.

Aaryans 283 defeated Goan Institute B 137

Ruaraka B 433/9 defeated Stray/Nookers Jnr 113

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