Sunday, January 29, 2006

In Praise of Twenty-20, Limited Overs and Yard Cricket Epics

I was replying to this post on Different Strokes, when I realised that my comment was becoming more of a tirade, so would probably be more appropriate here.
It is very frustrating when you read someone criticising one particular form of cricket over another. Yes, there is a heirarchy. Yes, Test cricket is the ultimate goal, but it is definitely not the only form of the game that deserves to be played or watched.
Religion is a great example of what division can do. Two parties have a disagreement over the wording of a particular prayer at worship one day. The discussion escalates, and they start sitting on opposite sides of the place of worship. After a while, this becomes too much for one group, and they split off to form their own sect. People write to the papers. "My way of worshipping" soon becomes "My God is better than your god". Now noses get really out of joint. The argument continues with the emotion becoming increasingly heated. Eventually they have a biff, and several thousand people get killed. Sorry if this is facetious, but I am trying to make a point.
Twenty-20 is a type of cricket, not a different sport. So for that matter are backyard cricket, test matches, beach cricket, fifty overs games, six-a-side slog fests, tip-n-run french cricket, street cricket, mini cricket and anything else played with a bat, ball and wickets (or a wheelie bin). Some of the rules may differ, and the players, numbering anywhere from 2 to a hundred, may wear anything from whites, to pyjamas, shorts, swimming cossies, or even nothing at all. A game could last as little as two balls, or it could be a 2-year epic incorporating breaks for such things as lessons and school holidays. For those counting, I believe I was on about 2500 runs for the loss of a couple of hundred wickets or so when we finally broke for University.
It doesn't matter how the game is played or by who, they are all good fun. If Twenty-20 encourages more kids to the game, great. If none of them ever make it to Test level, I will do a nude run around Lords in my zimmerframe before I finally check in to My Heaven (which is better than your heaven because is serves beer and biltong and plays mixed Twenty-20 cricket in the nud). As an after thought, I wonder what proportion of those stuffy people who say Tests should be the only form of the game, have never actually played in a Test match themselves. I bet they would still call themselves cricketers...

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