Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Positive Response from Cricket Kenya

I recently wrote to various people associated with cricket in Kenya to tell them about the site, and encourage people in Kenya to visit/contribute.
The response has been generally very positive, but I would especially like to single out Samir Inamdar, the Chairman of Cricket Kenya, and Matthew Rudd, Kongoni's on-field captain, for the help they have given me. It is heartening that since I have communicated with them, the majority of new visitors to the site are now from Kenya. Hopefully this will be the beginning of some great steps in promoting our game and our country.


mentalacrobatics said...

Brilliant! Its good to see the authorities recognising your passion and effort. As a regular reader I have to say keep it up!

Chemosit said...

Thanks for the support! It is great to get their positive response. From the interest I have recieved from Kenya, there is definitely the enthusiasm and drive for things to really get cricket to go places!

Shaneabbas Merali said...

Great site for kenyan cricket fans, regularly updated with all the latest news. Kudos to the host for making such a brilliant site. A must for all kenyan cricket fans. Hopefully this site wont die down like