Tuesday, January 24, 2006

News from Uganda

Well, courtesy of Tony Munro and BTTW, we now know what the neighbours are doing. In terms of regional development, this is a heartening report, but could also be a cause for concern to Kenya. One fact alone must be rectified: Uganda qualifying for the U19 World Cup at Kenya's expense. It has happened the last two times, and if we want to make excuses, we can blame the last administration for bungling development. Whatever the cause though, Kenya must get it's development up to scratch. Our U15s did us proud earlier this month, and this success has to be built on. Kenya can not afford to miss out on qualifying for any tournament at an International level. The experience is too important to miss out on.
The other idea that occurred to me was how about the officials in the region coming up with a regional super cup featuring the best 2 teams or so from each country? Just a thought, but it surely couldn't do any harm, and sponsors would probably jump at it.

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