Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome Kenya Cricket: Dawning of a New Era

It is finally official. KCA and the era of mismanagement, greed, and the near total destruction of the game in Kenya, has gone. It took some time coming - many of us hoped it would happen a couple of years ago, but the main thing is we can now move forward. Yesterday's meeting in Mombasa was attended by delegates from all four provinces, and the decision was unanimous.
Under Cricket Kenya, the board should find it much easier to attract sponsorship, especially in view of upcoming matches. Until now, Samir Inamdar seems to have been severely hampered by the KCA tag, and the efforts to change it. Now that it is done, it is time to start ringing the changes in a major way. Bring on board the sponors we have been told are waiting in the wings. Start a national league. Get the schools program going. Organise internationals, even if they are only against the other Associates. Yesterdays decision was a great start to a new era, but it was just that, a start. Now the real work begins.

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