Sunday, March 05, 2006 Awards

Taking the long-term view that when my web page (official, or unofficial) is up and running, it will be a success, I am setting up an awards system for the best Kenyan players of the year. I will run one competition for ODIs and one for the Intercontinental Cup. Combining the two will give the Cricketer of the Year.
At the moment, the prizes will simply be recognition of the player's efforts, but I will be looking for a sponsor for this, so hopefully they can be presented with something more.

I am going to allocate Primary points for each match as follows:

3 pts for best performance, 2 for the next best, and 1 to any other player that, in my opinion, has had a positive impact. Mostly, I will try to restrict the total points from me to 6 unless there are a couple of players who I feel really deserve a mention.

If a Kenyan player wins the official Man of the Match, he will get an extra 2 points.

I will run a poll on the site for each match, and allocate 6 points, based on a percentage of votes, with a maximum of 3 per player. For the current series, this is one poll over the tour, but from Bangladesh onwards, will be one poll per game.

It could end there, and remain unofficial. I have however invited Cricket Kenya to allocate points per match on the same basis that I do.

I will also be contacting the following newspapers to see if they are interested: Nation, Standard, Kenya Times, Coastweek (if you have any other suggestions on media that cover kenyan cricket, let me know). If they are agreeable, their combined votes will contribute to a separate primary score (3,2,1).

The primary votes (, Man of the Match, Public, Cricket Kenya? Media?) will then be tallied and a final, Secondary score given for each match based on the total of Primary votes:

3 pts for highest numer of Primary pts.
2 pts for the next highest.
1 point for the third highest.
In the event of a tie, both players will recieve equal points.
An official 'Man of the series' earns a bonus Secondary point.

At the end of the year, the player with the highest Secondary Total wins that category.
The Kenyan Cricketer of the year would be a total from both competitions.

I would also like to have a 'Domestic Cricketer' of the year, but this can only happen if the NPCA and CCA will communicate with me.

Once is up and running, I will keep a running tally, so that everything is shown to be transparent and above board.

I have based this on the system the Australians use for the Allan Border Medal - one of the goals every Australian cricketer aspires to achieve. I have not decided on a name (it may depend on sponsorship), and am open to suggestions on this as well.
If you think this is a good idea, please back the players, and vote. Cheers.

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