Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cricket Kenya Look For Funds at ACA Meeting

According to the Nation, top Cricket Kenya officials are today jetting off to South Africa for the Africa Cricket Association AGM which takes place on Friday. Kenya is expected to use the meeting as a platform to launch a bid to host more tournaments, and further their position in regards to developing the game. We are also expected to be one of the nations to benefit from the surplus earned by the ACA from the Afro-Asian Cup. Samir Inamdar, and Tom Tikolo will stay on in Johanessburg for the Africa Development Seminar to be held on Saturday. All 36 of the member countries are expected to be represented at the meetings, and this would be a perfect chance for Cricket Kenya to secure more fixtures for Kenya's A team, and the junior sides. Kenya have never had a full calendar for the National team, let alone it's development sides, but with the current atmosphere of growth in World Cricket, this should now be a primary aim. Not only would it give our up and coming players valuable experience, but would help our neighbouring countries improve as well. Accompanying the Cricket Kenya officials will be a representative from Ogilvy One who have been contracted to find sponsors for Cricket Kenya both for the National Team and for cricket development. Indeed by the sound of it, it is the latter that Samir Inamdar seems to have his eye on as the next issue to be tackled. With Uganda recently getting a boost to their development from the ICC coffers (see Will's article on BTTW), Kenya do not want to be left behind in the development race. In fact after the efforts by Uganda over the last year, we now have to work extra hard to catch up. Tomorrow's meeting is a perfect opportunity for Kenya to not only look for income to fund its development, but also to take a leading role in expanding the growth of cricket in the region. If the Africa continues to strengthen as a cricketing force, the nations at the top are going to benefit hugely as their younger players get more and more exposure to an improving standard of cricket. Coupled with the expansion of the International Cup program next year, this should be mirrored by a rise in standards of the National Team as well. The next two days offer a huge opportunity for Cricket Kenya. Let's hope it is grasped with both hands, and our men come back with good news from South Africa.

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