Friday, April 28, 2006

Sexual Offences Bill

This has nothing to do with cricket, but some things cannot be allowed to go by without comment. I have been reading with growing anger the reports on the response of many of our male politicians towards the Sexual Offences Bill. For the first time ever, this prompted me to write a letter to the Nation on a matter unrelated to cricket. In case it does not get published, this is what I wrote:
I cannot believe that some of our male politicians are failing to take seriously the Sexual Offences Bill. It begs the question - do any of them have daughters, wives or young sons? I assume at the very least some of them have mothers? The way they are behaving one would seriously doubt it. Rape is one of the most dispicable and heinous acts that can be committed. If our politicians cannot see this, and address the problem in a sensible and mature manner, they should not be there. Then again, they are so good at looking after themselves that they may already feel safe without the bill. After all, the existing act criminilises the defilement of 'idiots and imbeciles'. No wonder they see no threat to themselves, they are already protected.
If these sentiments offend someone who voted for one of these clowns, I make no apology. There is an election coming up before too long, I suggest we use it to put in power some people who actually care for the welfare of our country and our people.

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