Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More News From NPCA Awards Night

Finally, the Nation has got on the ball with this, and provides some different insights to the earlier articles from Cricinfo and the Standard. They lead with the call made by Roger Harper to improve the state of the pitches in order to improve Kenya's fielding. He has also, according to Richard Mwangi's article, stated that Kenya needs to set up a zonal competition in both forms of the game. Again, these are not new thoughts, but it is good to see those in the spotlight talking about them. Hopefully Harper will have his way, and we shall see this set up soon - it is the only way that Kenya will be able to start competing with the Test playing countries that already have strong domestic competitions.
Another good point highlighted by the article was NPCA chairman Salim Dhanji confirming that the NPCA are now intending to embark on a development programme at clubs and schools in and around Nairobi. Asking for clubs support for this effort, he also notes that the NPCA will need assistance in terms of coaches and equipment.
For those who missed them earlier in the year, there is also a roundup of the NPCA 2005-2006 season results at the bottom of the article. Go to the Nation Sports Page and read the article headlined: 'Improve All Grounds, Harper Advises CK'.

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