Saturday, May 27, 2006

Worth A Read

I have spent quite a bit of time on this blog writing tirades about the poor coverage cricket gets in Kenya's media. It is only fair that when a good article comes along, it gets the credit it deserves. Today's Kenya Times has just such an article, written by Mutwiri Mutuota. For those who have not kept up with what has happened to Kenyan cricket over the last three years, it gives a fairly accurate summary of what has gone on. It is well written, well balanced and unlike so many articles we see, does not look to criticise, but instead takes a frank look at what Cricket Kenya and those connected with the game need to do to improve the situation. There are some good quotes from Hossain Ayob, and Roger Harper, some we haven't seen before and some old ones. It also calls for CK to do more to publicise the game and their efforts. This is something I heartily agree with. Whatever their shortfalls, the KCA were good at telling people what they had done and blowing their own trumpet. CK actually have done a lot more than KCA did in their last couple of years, but we have heard less about it. Modesty will not do in this situation. CK need to cry it from the rooftops that they are resuccitating the game. Enough from me though, read Mutuota's article. Hopefully it will be the first of many like it!


Hossain said...

Good read indeed.

I just wanted to add that besides working on overall cricket infrastructure in the country, I think Kenya also needs to put lots of emphasis on age group (u/15, u/17, u/19) cricket.

Anonymous said...

KCA good at telling people what was going on? In between rigging elections, stealing $$$, driving the players to strike, and alienating the entire world game so that no-one wanted to play Kenya anymore, they were marvellous.

Shame that they stole and ruined the game, at least Jasmir Singh was there to peddle the lies.

Chemosit said...

@ Hossain - very true. I am waiting eagerly for news of this. Tom Tikolo was heavily involved in getting Uganda's structure to where it is, so hopefully he can do the same for us.

@ Anon. No one doubts KCA's mismanagement, but the truth is they spoon fed the media - indeed I believe it is one reason they lasted so long. CK are doing great in terms of management, but need to do more to promote themselves.

Cricket Maniac said...

One thing I like about Kenyan cricket is Steve Tikolo. But the last I saw him play was at the 2003 world cup. If Kenya has played any games since then, then you are right about Kenyan cricket not being given coverage. I would watch any Kenyan game on TV(provided I know about it happening) only for Steve Tikolo and I'm sure many who hav seen him bat will agree with me.