Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Atul Shah Updates

There has been a website set up to carry live(ish) updates of the tournament. It seems to be experiencing some initial difficulties, but does at least have a desktop scorecard of a sort currently running (click 'live desktop score'). According to the scorecard, CCA won the toss and elected to bat. Looking at the current score, I am guessing that this is something they are now seriously regretting. Tanzania have bowled very well with Hamisi removing Stewart Kayne for 11 and dangerman Mohammed Sawjani for 3. Other batsmen to have been dismissed (according to the 'full scorecard') include Mohammed Fazal (ct. Issa b. Benson -16 - sorry to mention that Shaneabbas), Mohammed Arazi (runout Issa - 3) and Sanjay Patel (ct. Aftab b. Hussien - 8). Zahir Abbas must also be out as the current batsmen are Bharat Halai on 29* and Pradeep Patel on 0*. Harish Pindoria is the last man out making 7. This is obviously not the start to the tournament that the CCA expected, and they will be hard pushed to come back from here. There are currently another 19 overs still remaining, but the challenge will be to bat them out. With only 3 wickets in hand, Halai is really going to have to hold it together if CCA are to post even a slightly defendable target. They are currently on 7-108.
If the CCA are doing badly, then Kenya A look to be doing even worse at the 32 over mark of their match against Uganda. The desktop scoreboard currently has the score sitting on 5-84. I can only hope that this is a misprint or that there has been a digit left off somewhere. If not, this could be a very embarrasing day's cricket for Kenya!

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