Wednesday, June 07, 2006

CCA take on Tanzania

Today's other match in the Atul Shah Tournament sees the local Coast XI taking on Tanzania at Coast Gymkhana. Tanzania, who will be using this tournament to warm up for their World Cup qualifying Africa group II stage in August are somewhat of an unknown, but are thought to be the weaker of the four teams taking part. The CCA team include a nice mixture of youth and experience, and have several players who will be on a mission to impress the selectors. Local advantage will no doubt feature in this tournament, so expect a strong showing from the local team.
Tanzania (from):
Hamisi Abdalla (Cpt), Abik Patwa, Benson Mwita, Aftab Manji, Hassanain Damji, Athumani Kakonzi, Issa Kisa, Khalil Rehemtuula, Hussein Mohammed, Abdulkadir Nasser, Kazim Nasser, Kassim Nassoro, Enjo Seth.
CCA XI (from):
Sanjay Patel, Mohamed Sawjani, Stewart Kaynes, Mohamed Fazal, Zahir Abbas, Mohamed Arazi, Thabit, Harish Pindoria, Pradeep Patel, Rashmi Gami, Irfan Khan, Bharat Halai, Dinesh Patel, Hemal Hirani.


Shaneabbas Merali said...

Lets see how well CCA play. Hopping Modh Fazal gets some runs. He is beleived to be one of the hardest batsmen to get out in the local scene and once he gets in everone knows what he is capable of doing!

Chemosit said...

Not a good start by them so far.
When are we going to see you in the Forum Shaneabbas? - your opinion would be more than welcome there!