Friday, June 02, 2006

Auditors Report Highlights KCA's Shortcomings

According to this report on Cricinfo, Shah Patel & Company - the auditors investigating the KCA accounts, have finally released their report to the ICC and clubs. The report confirms what many already knew - that there was gross financial mismanagement. Many transactions had no invoices or receipts to confirm them, The report sums it up when it says it fails "to understand how no supporting documents are available for large amounts spent". In some cases, these large amounts were over US $20 000!
While cricinfo says the report contained no reports of anything untoward, I wonder how the following statement from the report fits into this category:
"a number of cash payments to Media Plus Sports Ltd (owned by Sharad Ghai) for which no supporting documents were available. The payment voucher, which must be authorised by two signatories as per the Association's protocol has only one signature, that of Mr Ghai."
If that is not untoward, it must surely be considered at least a little dodgy?
What this report does show is that the critics of the old regime were spot on when they were asking for intervention from the ICC several years ago. I know the reason that the ICC didn't intervene was that they do not want to get involved in an individual country's affairs, but in the end this happened anyway - just way too late. When so many stakeholders in a country are making a fuss, the World body needs to take more notice.
Still, on the bright side, this should now give some closure to a very upsetting scenario. We have a new body running Kenyan cricket now, and so far they seem to be doing a good job. This report highlights how bad the situation was when they took over. I sincerely hope that we never see something like that again relating to Kenyan cricket.

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