Saturday, June 03, 2006

A War Of Letters

There are two letters in today's Sportbox in the Nation criticising me for my position on who should play cricket for Kenya. For those that don't know, a simplified version of my stance is that, so long as a player qualifies under the ICC rules on eligibility, he should be allowed to play for Kenya should he so choose. Apparently there are those that think different, which is fine - everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it annoys me no end that people who quote me by name are too cowardly to put their own name to their letter. It will be interesting to see how much of my reply, if any, is published next week.
I find it concerning that the recent letters to the press are more concerned with criticising the administration and bigotry rather than putting forward sensible suggestions on how to grow the game. Anjum Asodia sums up my feelings very well in her excellent article in this week's Coastweek when she says:
"Cricket Kenya needs our support to be able to promote cricket in the country to reach world class level again.
Constructive criticism is good, but over-criticism achieves nothing and only succeeds in demoralising those few that are working towards a greater goal."
It does sometimes make me wonder whether those writing these letters genuinly have the good of the game in mind, or are they carrying on their own private agenda or feeding off sour grapes?


Anonymous said...

anjum is a female not a male

Chemosit said...

My bad - she is a very good reporter and advocate for the game.