Friday, June 30, 2006

Kenya A Vs. Denmark 30/06/06: Denmark Innings

From the little snippet on Cricket Europe (so far the only news I have found on the game), it looks like Denmark are batting first and are 3/90 after 22 Overs. Freddie Klokker, Denmark's main batsman is playing, and is looking dangerous on 44 not out. No news on who has taken the wickets so far.
UPDATE: 25 Overs.
Only 5 runs scored by Denmark in the last three overs, and Kenya A have another wicket (still don't know who from). Klokker is still there, and two runs closer to his fifty on 46*.
Denmark 4/95. Run rate 3.8.
UPDATE: 28 Overs.
Three good overs from the Danes take the score to 114, but whoever the batsman was who made most of the runs (Klokker is still on 48*), he is now out and Denmark are 5 wickets down. This match is developing into quite a contest so far. With 5 batsmen back in the pavilion already, Kenya are nearly into the tail, but with Klokker still there, the Danes will feel they still have a good chance to post a defendable target.
Denmark 5/114. Run rate 4.1.
Update: 34 Overs.
Klokker is still there and looking dangerous. He now has his fifty, and is unbeaten on 58. Only 10 runs coming off the last six overs though, so Kenya A have the brakes working well.
Denmark 5/124. Run rate 3.6.
Update 40 Overs.
A steadier 5 overs from Denmark with Klokker combining well with Hamad Zamann to take the score along at 5 an over. Zamann is however now out for 25 leaving Denmark on 6/154. Still no report on the bowling figures. Kenya A really need to get Freddy Klokker's wicket as he is the one holding Denmark's innings together. Still, there are only 4 wickets in hand now for the Danes which should help restrict them during the last 10 overs.
Denmark 6/154 (Klokker 66*). Run rate 3.85.
Update 45 Overs.
Klokker moves on to 83. He is really beginning to push the run rate along now - the last five overs going for 33 runs - just over a-run-a-ball. No further wickets for Kenya A, which is disappointing. Denmark looking to get around the 220 mark if they keep this run rate up.
Denmark 6/187. Run rate 4.1.
Update 48 Overs.
Klokker is only 4 away from another international century. He is certainly proving himself to be a handful against the othe Associates. Good for Denmark, but not so good for Kenya A for failing to remove him. The good news is that although Denmark are now past the 200 mark, we at least have another wicket to show for it. The run rate continues to creep up however, and it looks like we will be chasing 230 or there abouts.
Denmark 7/210. Run rate 4.4.
Update 50 Overs.
Finally, Klokker is removed, but not before he reaches his century (104) and helps Denmark to a respectable 222 (Where is Richie Benaud when you need him). It will be interesting to see how Kenya A go about chasing this. It does not look too daunting a target, only requiring 4.5 runs an over to win, but I don't know the conditions, so it may turn out to be a very decent total. At a guess though, I would say that where one batsman can get a big score, so others should be able to as well. Kenya A have come under some criticism recently for their batting. In the Atul shah tournament, they struggled against spin, and during the Jutland leg of the Denmark tour, they have been accused of showing a weakness against inswingers. No doubt they will get a fair bit of both during the next 50 overs. Hopefully, the two form players of the tour so far, Mishra and Malhar Patel will build on their good form, and maybe even inspire some of the others. It should be a fascinating run chase.

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