Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kenya A Vs. Denmark 30/06/06: Kenyan Run Chase

Kenya A suffer an early setback in their run chase. After 4 overs, we have already lost the first wicket with only 12 on the board. Once again, the opener's spot seems to be causing some bother. Still, there is a long way to go in the inings, so hopefully we will get things together.
Kenya 1/12. Run Rate: 3. Required Run rate 4.6
Update 8 Overs.
Kenya's top order batting woes seem to be continuing. A second wicket down, and only a further 8 runs to show for it. This is about as far away from a good start as we could get.
Kenya 2/20. Run rate 2.5. Required run rate 4.8
Update. 11 Overs.
Oh dear, Oh dear. Things are going from bad to worse. A third wicket down, and still only 30 on the board. Right about now that total is beginning to look a long way away. What we need now is for a couple of the lads to settle down, and grit out an innings. We need to rebuild, consolidate, then launch later.
Kenya 3/30. Run rate 2.7. Required run rate 4.9
Update. 13 Overs.
Guess what? Surprise surprise, another Kenyan wicket. It looks rather like someone has tried to blast their way out of trouble rather than consolidating. 15 runs added, but the loss of the wicket is the problem. Unless someone stops this procession, I will end up getting to bed at a normal hour after all. Oddly enough, I would prefer to continue my sleep deprivation.
Kenya 4/45. Run rate 3.5. Required run rate 4.8.
Update 14 Overs.
Sometimes words simply do not suffice.
Swinging the bat is not going to A) win us the match. B) Get us to a respectable total. C) Make me a happy little vegemite.
Kenya 5/54. Run rate 3.9. Required run rate 4.7
Update 17 Overs.
At last something good to report. No more wickets in the last three overs which certainly comes as somewhat of a relief. The score has also been pushed on by 18 runs. Hopefully the shots being played are at the bad balls. We really cannot afford any more wickets down for quite a while.
Kenya 5/72. Run rate 4.2. Required run rate 4.7.
Update 21 Overs.
Well, that didn't last long. 16 more runs to the total, but two more wickets. If we are lucky, we may even get to within 100 runs of Denmark's total. This has been a really poor performance from Kenya with the bat, after a decent effort in the field. I only hope that we can do something soon to teach our young players how to build an innings. More than ever, this match illustrates the need for a domestic competition in the longer version of the game. Let's hope we get some news on this front, and on youth development soon. A full schedule for the national and a teams is all well and good, but we need to be able to produce players that are going to be competetive. This must start at domestic level, and it must start soon. Yesterday was already to late.
Kenya 7/88. Run rate 4.2. Required run rate 4.6
Update. 27 Overs.
Kenya's challenge now is to try and bat out the overs. As another wicket has gone down, even this is looking like a bridge too far. At least we have managed to scrape past the 100 mark, but this effort is going to win no admirers at all.
Kenya 8/103. Run rate 3.8. Required run rate 5.2
Update. 29 Overs.
Well, at least the torture is almost over. 9/106 and this is looking like a defeat of over 100 runs. Kenya A will have one night to regroup and think about how they can avoid a similar fate tomorrow.
A couple of simple words might help:
Patience. Graft. Consolidate. Concentrate. Partnership.
109 All Out. We only managed to bat out 31 of the 50 available overs. Against a team ranked 8 places below us by the ICC. True, it is our A team, and true the tour is there to give youngsters experience, but in a couple of years, we have to expect these players to be holding up the honour of our national side. Right about now, that is not a thought that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. There is obviously a very long way to go. Losing by 113 runs is a very heavy defeat, but the team need to put today behind them and get a good night's rest. This is one of the things touring is all about, and they cannot let today get in the way of a better performance tomorrow. I shall do the same. Right now, it is about 2am, and I'm feeling a bit short changed that I stayed up. That will not stop me doing it in future, or hoping and praying that the boys will do well next time they take the field. After all, tomorrow is another day...

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