Saturday, July 15, 2006

Comments, Polls and Forum

Unfortunately, the general consensus seems to be that people would prefer to comment on posts rather than use the forum. To keep you all happy, I have now turned the comments option back on.
I still encourage everyone to use the Forum however - it makes for much better discussions of points than comments which tend to get lost after a few new posts come up.
I have removed the last poll on Kennedy Obuya: Should he play for Kenya vs Bangladesh. Partly, I did this as the Bangladesh series has been put back, but also in relation to the disciplinary issue. There is now a new poll up reflecting this, so I encourage you all to put in your two bits. The results from the last poll were:
Yes, he should play - 58%
No, he shouldn't play - 42%.
It will be interesting to see what people think of the current situation.


bankelele said...

Thanks for turnign back teh comment on. I wanted to commend you for the great coverage of cricket you provide and from so far. I had no idea Bangladesh were coming (or that it was canceled) except from this site. Keep it up

Chemosit said...

Thanks mate,

The Bangladesh tour should be a good chance for Cricket Kenya to get back public support for the game, and even to interest those who have previously stayed away.
Hopefully the local media will start to show more interest and support for what is really one of Kenya's best performing team sports.