Friday, July 14, 2006

Tikolo and Modi To Play Against Canada

In what will be a major boost for team morale in the lead up to their Intercontinental Cup tie against Canada, Kenya's two senior players are expected to join up with the squad soon. In this report in today's Standard, Cricket Kenya CEO, Tom Tikolo, is quoted as saying:
"We’ve talked to Steve and Modi and they have assured us they will soon join the team for the tour of Canada".
It was this pair that held off the Netherlands in Nairobi to give Kenya a draw, and their presence will not only increase morale in the camp, but significantly strengthen the batting line up.
Regarding team selection, Tikolo gave July 22nd as the date for the training squad to be trimmed to the final 14 man squad that will travel to Toronto. No doubt the match currently under way at Ruaraka, and training over the next week will intensify as a result.
While I am commenting on it, I feel the Standards article is unfair in saying that the team will leave after a poor preparation. They will have been in camp for a month by the time they leave, and while the senior players may not have had any competetive build up, the players in the A team have had two recent series to find their form. The article also points to the postponement of the Bangladesh tour as damaging the preparation. To my mind, they have this the wrong way round. Kenya's matches against Bangladesh will be harder than the ones against Canada, so infact the build up is structured correctly with the weaker opponent leading up to the tougher matches. Had we played Bangladesh this coming wednesday, I would agree that preparations had been poor, but for the Canada tour at the end of the month, they are looking just about right.

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