Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cricket In the Press

Both the Standard and Nation today carry cricket stories which is nice to see.
Richard Mwangi in the Nation concentrates on the Super Division clash between Kanbis and Nairobi Gymkhana which Kanbis went on to win by 28 runs. Odoyo and Jadavji Jesani the main contributors with the bat for Kanbis. Several youngsters on the fringes of the national team get a mention, as does Ravindu Shah who managed 7. Judging by the Standard's report however, he is still a while away from match fitness, so no need to read too much into that.
Oscar Pilipili's article makes a big deal of Ravindu not being included in the squad to face the visiting Australians, but it seems like a fair call to me. He was called up for training to guage his fitness which was deemed insufficient to play for the national team. Not surprising considering he was out for the best part of two years and has only played three domestic matches since returning. Given time, he will no doubt make his way back into the team, but he must be in the correct shape to do so otherwise his inclusion will do neither him nor the Kenyan team any good. According to the article, Roger Harper says he has been working hard to improve the concentration levels at the top of the order. I certainly hope so, as the lack of runs in that department has become a real worry. No doubt we shall see how effective he has been come Thursday.

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