Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kenya Tour Dates To Uganda Released

Kenya's rumoured tour to Uganda is now confirmed for the end of next month with three ODIs and a 3-day game all scheduled to take place at the Lugogo oval. Kenya are due to arrive in Kampala on Thursday 21st September and play back to back One Dayers on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th. There is then a day's break before the final One Dayer on the Tuesday. The 3-day match will be played over the following weekend, starting on Friday 29th and concluding on Sunday October 1st.
This is a great step for Kenyan, and indeed Ugandan cricket and can only be good for cricket in the region. As I said in an earlier post, the rise of Tanzania and Uganda is a golden opportunity for Kenya and with today's announcement, it looks like the administrators are keen to grab hold of it. Especially pleasing is seeing the 3-day match included. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first multi-day game that has been organised between Associates without the ICC being the driving force. It is a definite step towards improving the quality of cricket for both national teams and credit to both Cricket Kenya and the Ugandans for taking this initiative. May it be the first of many similar.
I am not yet sure what strength squad Kenya will send, but with the Bermuda visit drawing ever closer, one would like to see many of the players expected to play in that series make the trip to Kampala. Already, the national team includes a fair proportion of youngsters and tours like this one to Uganda are the perfect way to prepare them for tougher matches ahead. Also, Uganda have proved that they are better than our A team and warrant a crack at our national side in at least some of the matches as a result. It will be an interesting tour not only in terms of team selection, but cricketing wise as well. For Kenya, we must come back with a victory in the One-day series as well as the 3-day match. Unless it is our A team sent, anything else will cause some serious questions to be asked.
In due course I will do a preview of the tour, but for the time being I think we can begin to look forward to a really good period of growth in cricket within the region. Hopefully the national media will take note of this tour and increase awareness amongst the general population as a result. Today is a good day for Kenyan cricket.

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