Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cricket in The Wild Report

The winning Outram team from the inaugral Cricket in the Wild tournament held at Ol Pejeta conservancy.
The following is Subash Modi's report on the recently concluded Cricket in the Wild tournament. Congratulations to the winners and the organisers for their efforts. A very worthwhile cause has had a great boost this weekend and it is wonderful that cricket was the catalyst that allowed this to happen.
The 1st Ol Pejeta “Cricket in the Wild” tournament finished on Sunday afternoon, out of the seven teams playing in the tournament (From the UK Hugh Crossley and Tim Best, from Nairobi David Seagon, and Arnie Mitchell, from Laikipia Batian Craig and Giles Davies, and from Gilgil Chris Outram.) Chris Outram’s team from Gilgil was the team that took home the inaugural trophy - an elephants head carved out of an old cedar post holding a cricket ball in its trunk (carved by a community member).
The final was between the Outram team and Tim Best’s team from the UK - we are very proud that the first tournament was won by a Kenyan team and the trophy will remain in Kenya for at least another year.
The matches were carefully umpired by Subash Modi, Eddie Fernandes and Brian Haworth and the scoring was done by Aliya Bauer with Charity, “Jenga” and Wilson managing the score board.
The event was set up as an opportunity to raise funds for development programmes within the communities surrounding Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Each team was required to raise money to enter the competition. The highest fund raiser was a team from England captained by Hugh Crossley. In total the tournament raised an estimated USD 120,000 – this money will be spent on the development of local schools, dispensaries and other facilities within Laikipia.
In his closing speech Richard Vigne, Executive Director of Ol Pejeta thanked all the teams for participating and promised to make the tournament an annual event. The MP for Laikipia East and Asst. Minister for Energy, Hon. M Kiunjuri also congratulated all the teams for their fund raising efforts and the Ol Pejeta management team for taking the time and effort to develop and run the event.
Ol Pejeta would like to thank the following for their kind contribution to the event:
East African Safari Air Express
The Driftwood Beach Club (The Larby’s)
Serena Hotels
Rhino Ark
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Lewa Ceramics
Wines of the World
The Glass Gallery
One Way
Sandra & Brendan Hill
Callum Looman
Local Kenya Media & Nick Deverell
For catering:
Alpana Patal and Sophie Graten
East African Women’s League (Nanyuki branch)
For medical assistance:
Nanyuki Cottage Hospital.
Ol Pejeta Conservancy Cricket in the Wild organizing committee members:
Sandra Hill
Richard Vigne
Brian Haworth
Sue Haworth
Brendan Hill
Batian Craig
Giles Prettejohn
Ali Prettejohn
Paul Leringato
Melissa Duveen

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