Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MSC 'A' Start Well in Coast League

The first two games of the coast league have been played over the last two weekends with MSC A in action both weekends and recording wins over first their B team and then a closer fought victory over Coast Gymkhana by 2 wickets this weekend. The above links should take you to the appropriate stories on the CCA blog which has further details. Credit to Upesh for setting this up, it is great having a second blog out there covering Kenyan cricket and especially one that gives us results and news from the coast. Let's hope it is kept up to date on a more regular basis than Cricket Kenya's has been so far.
A shame that only six teams are taking part this year. For the area that claims to be the second strongest cricket playing centre in the country, they are looking in grave danger of being overtaken by Rift Valley who not only have more teams due to play in their next competition, but have also started a program with the local schools to increase the long-term player numbers. The CCA really need to do something similar as they have the potential to produce good players for the national team, but who will never get the chance unless the game is actively grown. This is the region in which cricket was first played in Kenya over 100 years ago and it must be encouraged to get back on track.

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