Sunday, January 14, 2007

NPCA replaced by Tanzania

Uganda's tour to Kenya will now start against neighbours Tanzania rather than an NPCA XI as earlier scheduled. I can't say that I am really happy about this. It is great in that it gives Tanzania a match, but it also takes away a good chance for Kenya's up and coming players to play a competetive game. One of the reasons given for this move was that Tanzania would offer better opposition than the NPCA side. If Tanzania are really better than the best the NPCA can offer, it is not a good reflection on the current position of Kenyan cricket and Cricket Kenya need to get moving to do something about this ASAP.
Don't get me wrong, I am all for our neighbours coming over and playing matches. Both are improving sides and the stronger East Africn cricket is, the stronger it will make Kenyan cricket in the long term. My worry is that we may spend too much time improving the neighbours without doing enough to improve our own situation. Fine, get Tanzania to Play Uganda, but why not get them both to start their tours by playing one or more of the regional sides. It is not as though this is an unusual idea - most tours used to include matches against local opposition in preparation for the internationals. It gives the touring sides a chance to blood new players and to adjust to local conditions. It also gives the players in the local sides the chance to play stronger opposition than they may be used to. Both sides benefit. This latter part is important. Cricket Kenya should be commended for helping Tanzania and Uganda, but in return would it be too much to ask that they give our up and coming sides some help in return?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
Glad your back at this. I agree. Infact no-one from Mombasa was chosen either to play. When last time we played these two countries, a couple Mombasa guys didn't do too badly at all.

Chemosit said...

Hi Anon - It is unlikely that anyone from Mombasa will be selected in the National team until a proper provincial comp is set up where they can prove themselves against the best Nairobi (and in time, Rift Valley) have to offer. Players from the Coast need to lobby the CCA and CK to ensure this happens sooner rather than later.

Also, thanks for the comment, but in future, please leave your name. I do not usually accept anonymous comments. Cheers.

Andrew Nixon said...

Nick, you might be interested to know that the Tanzania tour has expanded to include games against Kenya A and Scotland. Fixtures are in the calendar at the CE Worldwide section!