Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kenyan squad announced

Well, I was right in some aspects:
Steve Tikolo (Cpt)
Thomas Odoyo (V.C)
Peter Ongondo
Tanmay Mishra
Ravindu Shah
Hiren Varaiya
Nehemiah Odhiambo
My top 7, were never really in doubt.
Ouma gets the nod for the 'keeper's spot. Not unexpected I suppose considering how much has been inveted in him so far.
David Obuya
Collins Obuya
Jimmy Kamande
Malhar Patel
Also all get in, again no real surprises there I think.
I am surprised that Tony Suji and Lameck Onyango get another shot. I would have liked seeing the two youngsters Karia and Luseno given these spots. I don't think either Suji or Onyango will get much time on the pitch going on the last series, and it may have been better to give the spots to the more inexpeienced pair. Of course it may well be that the performances in training dictated these positions, in which case, fair enough.
Good to see Rajesh Bhudia back in the mix. I thought he bowled well against Holland and deserves a chance at the ODI team.
More on this and the squad list can be found here on Cricket Europe - Kenya.


Nakeel said...

Nick it was all about fitness and performance during the training matches which the selectors witnessed. Those who didn't hit the required standards during the fitness test and didn't make to impress with the ball or the bat definately no place in the squad.
Am positive this is a winning team and trust me they have alot.

Chemosit said...

Hey Nakeel,
I pretty much figured as much, but it looks as though the main XI will pretty much be those that whtewashed Bermuda with maybe one or two changes per match. I agree, the team has a good look to it and should do well.
Bring it on!

Ollie and Charlie said...

good to see tony and lameck picked again. they both have alot to offer!