Thursday, January 11, 2007

Associate players in top 100

Something i like to keep an eye on, purely for interests sake is the ICC rankings list. Going into the tri-series and WCL, there are several players from Associate countries who make the list, and no doubt with the amount of matches to be played over the next three months, we shall see them joined by several more. This can only be a good thing for associate cricket as the rest of the world starts to become more familiar with their names and achievements.
As expected, Kenyan players dominate the associate representatives having played more matches and therefore had more opportunity to perform.
57th Steve Tikolo (KEN) 503 (best 535 in 1999)
79th Tanmay Mishra (KEN) 432 (career best)
84th = Irvine Romain (BER) 401 (career best)
84th = Thomas Odoyo (KEN) 401 (best 455 in 2001)
92nd Ryan Ten Doeschate (NED) 383 (best 397 in 2006)
I expect all of these players to consolidate or gain on their positions in 2007.
34th Thomas Odoyo (KEN) 552 (career best)
46th Peter Ongondo (KEN) 494 (best 496 in 2006)
78th Steve Tikolo (KEN) 415 (best 418 in 2006)
88th Collins Obuya (KEN) 372 (best 475 in 2003)
99th Dwayne Leverocke (BER) 346 (career best)
100th Martin Suji (KEN) 344 (best 646 in 2003)
Suji and Obuya will probably drop out of the top 100 in 2007 as more associate bowlers come up through the rankings. The other four should either consolidate or improve thier positions.
No associate players are currently in the top 25 for all rounders, though both Odoyo and Tikolo could make that jump with good performances in Jan and Feb. Here's hoping!

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