Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scotland strike back (Kenya innings, 20 overs)

If the first 10 overs belonged to Kenya, there can be no doubt that the pendulum has well and truly swung the other way after the second 10.
First Ouma was run out on the score at 67, then David Obuya followed lbw with the score on 72.
Steve Tikolo had his second failure in the series, also LBW - Kenya 3/73.
Tanmay Mishra joined him back in the pavillion, also lbw for a duck.
Finally, Collins Obuya is the 5th man out for Kenya at the end of the 19th over to see the hosts collapse from 0/67 to 5/90.
A great come back from Scotland, especially Dougi Brown, but an appalling collapse from Kenya.
Ravindu Shah is still at the crease on 18 off 26 and Kenya need him to play the innings of his life to steer the tail through to a defendable target.
Hopefully the pendulum will swing back Kenya's way in the next 10 overs!

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