Sunday, January 21, 2007

A steadying of the ship

After the last post, I was a bit concerned that my next one might be the inning's wrap up.
Thankfully the experience of Ravindu Shah and Thomas Odoyo has steadied the ship somewhat for Kenya. Shah is now nearing his fifty with a well crafted 42 off 48 fingers crossed for him that he makes it and goes on.
Odoyo is playing a completely different, but no less important innings than his blitz against the Scots in the last match. Instead of teeing off (46 off 26 was his last effort), he has so far played a mostly conservative innings to reach 17 off 37.
Good to see that the vice captain is capable of this building role as well as the quick scoring.
It is now up to Shah and Odoyo to build on this partnership and ensure that there are wickets still in hand for a final dig in the last 10 overs. hopefully both will still be in at that stage.

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