Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kanbis, Holding and is the goat back?

Due to my commitments at Cricket Europe and trying to get everything in my paid job back on track since returning from the WCL, things have been a bit hectic - hence the lack of regular posts. Will try to do better.
This does not mean there has been a lack of things to comment on in Kenyan cricket:
Last week, Kanbis showed that once again they are going to be the team to beat in the NPCA tournament. They earlier secured their longterm future by completing a deal with Eastleigh Secondary School whereby they will revamp the school's abandoned soccer pitch and thereby ensure that nothing but cricket gets played on the cricket oval, as well as working towards setting up a cricket academy within the school. Last weekend both A and B teams registered big wins in their first games of the 20-20 competition - with 2 teams performing so well, there has to be a case for them to perhaps enter 3rd and 4th string sides into the lower divisions as well. Where they lead, others will be forced to follow if they hope to break the Kanbis dominance. One thing however is that the Vortex Goat seems to reside just outside their ground eating their communications as well as Mama Mweni's lingerie from the washing line. Anyone with any contacts at Kanbis please get them to return my emails. A full roundup of last week's NPCA matches and RVCA's Woolmatt Cup game can be found here on CricketEurope - Kenya.
All credit to Tanmay Mishra for his second placing in the Most Promising category of the Sports Personality of the year. Hopefully the whole team will be able to back up their 2003 effort and win this award again next year!
Not only is the Goat disrupting transmissions from Nairobi, but seems to have firmly established a second fiefdom in Mombasa. Maybe it is the upcoming World Cross Country Champs that attract it with the horde of journalist that can feed it, or maybe it is the added salt in the Sukuma, but once again it is getting in the way of cricket news from the CCA. For all that comes out of there in terms of results, one would think cricket in the area is dead, gone, no more. Someone please prove otherwise. It does not look good that the home region of the Cricket Kenya Chairman is so quiet. Time for Mbuzi Choma Coast-Style?
As for Michael Holding's comments? REMEMBER PUNE 1996! Maybe we should send the goat over to Jamaica to give him a butt up the butt - or is it a case of Mbuzi kabisa siwezi kumbuka!
Apologies to all fluent Kiswahili speakers for mangling their beautiful language.


Wambui said...

Hey Chemosit, no need to apologize, you're doing well on the Kiswahili front. I think it's easier (for the layman) to figure out Kiswahili grammar than to understand the rules of cricket so you are one up on me thus far!

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