Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anger over ICC decision to move U19 World Cup

Anger is simmering in Kenya and around the cricket world over the ICC's stunning decision to move the Under 19 Cricket World Cup away from Kenya citing '8 months as inadequate time to prepare'.

Here is what Topspinner - a regular reader and well respected journalist had to say:

Is this political, or what? With the ICC having ruled out the UAE for the World Cup and now Kenya for the Under-19s (NZ to be the replacement) - together with the recent treatment of Namibia - it seems the ICC has really got its knife into the Associate members. I thought their remit was to bring the game on in developing countries, not consign it to the 'bin'. Gilchrist wants the game for the Olympics. What is the IOC to make of the ICC's backward-looking way of going forward. Kenya may not have much of an Under-19 team at present, but I pity those who've put in lots of hard work in Mombasa and, more particularly, Nakuru, scene of some of the horrid clashes last year which cricket was trying to pacify. Or maybe that's what it's to do with? That's short-sighted, whatever the reasoning...
'Topspinner' - incensed and beside himself with anger.

Comments from Kenyan players on facebook also reflect disgust and disbelief:

"Icc thats unfair....wat preparation..?"

"Oh something..icc datz 2 much..."

"ICC Moved u19 world cup Big blow to kenyan youngstars"

"It z big blw to th entire houz. Its kenya not kenyan youngstars"

"what a shocking decisin from the icc umpiers kenya is not out yet, we will appeal........!!!!!"

"i wonder what develooment is all about if ICC can stand out and acuse Kenya of not being prepared and yet they are the onses who are doing nothing to make Kenya prepared. As it has been the case before cricket will remain in the hands of ICC big boys and countries like Kenya will continue to loos out. Eight months are too many to prepare. SAD SAD SAD."

to mention a few.

What are your thoughts - is this a 'just' decision or is it yet another example of the ICC's complete disregard for the welfare of Associates.

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